About Us

UAB "Kairiu prekyba" - it is like a tiny Australia. We started our activity in 2012. UAB "Kairiu prekyba"  initiator is Victor Dominic Kairys - Lithuanian emigrant son, born in sunny Australia. Parents taught him the basic of Lithuanian language and for the first time brought to Lithuania in 1990. Victor fell in love with Lithuania at the first time he come. While living in Australia, he did not forget his homeland, and never missed a chance to come to Lithuania, where found his other half. Victor also fell in love with Lithuania and its beauty, it has decided to more firmly his roots. The idea  was born to create the UAB "Kairiu prekyba"  and bring together two wonderful countries - Lithuania and Australia. Australia - is not only a country of kangaroos. In places where there are no houses or  desert, stands 70 meters tall trees,the air is full of sun and eucalyptus smell. Under the earth lies diamonds, opal, and oil. In the seashores is cultivated beautiful pearls.

The aim of UAB „Kairių prekyba”  - to make this extraordinary wealth available to all who are an important in quality, authenticity and originality. UAB „Kairių prekyba” offers the best products from Australia it is a result of consistent preparation work, the contacts and the warm friendly relations between Australian partners. Dear customer your attention is waiting pearls, cosmetics, leather and leather products, protective sports eyewear and sunglasses, hardwood timber, SmartBurn catalysts. Especially invite those who are interested in wholesale cosmetic oils, wholesale wood and wholesale leather and leather products. Of course, UAB „Kairių prekyba”   important and individual buyer - developed in retailing cosmetics, pearls, sunglasses, leather and leather products. We would like to emphasize that any Australian goods can reach your home. We are happy to help you buy them.

We cooperate with the partners of the Australian cosmetic firms Emu Essence and MT Romance, with pearls of enterprises trading Willie creak pearls, footwear firm Mr. sheepskin, Australian hardwood timber producers Djalmary and WWA, glasses-producing undertaking Eyres, the catalyst producing company SmartBurn.